Frisco Lawn Care Service

From Our Customers

In this hectic world, you can’t always find the time or energy to properly care for your lawn, which is why Emerald Lawn Services offers both weekly and bi-weekly Frisco lawn care service.  

Instead of trying to squeeze lawn maintenance into your schedule, sacrificing time you could spend on yourself or your work, our team of Frisco lawn maintenance professionals do the work for you — and we are trained to do a great job. Some information about our lawn maintenance in Frisco TX:

  • Staff of professionals: We do not just send over anybody who can turn on a lawn mower. We know your lawn is important to you, which is why it is important to us. Our staff is made up of highly trained lawn care professionals who know the ins and outs of keeping your lawn healthy and neatly groomed.
  • Trees and fences: If you have trees, fences or other landmarks in your yard, we go out of our way to make sure they are not affected by our thorough Frisco lawn care service. We utilize string trimmers and offer tips and tricks for protecting these areas. That way, your lawn is perfectly manicured without harming anything else on your lawn.
  • Watering: Our lawn care service in Frisco TX is about more than only mowing your lawn professionally. We also offer watering services along with fertilization and weed control. We stay 100 percent updated on all regulations pertaining to water usage and any other environmental regulations that may affect our services. You can rest easily knowing that we are keeping your yard healthy and beautiful while being responsible with our resources.

Our family-owned lawn maintenance in Frisco TX strives for excellence. We do not just want to get the job done — we want to thrill you with a beautiful, healthy lawn that is perfectly maintained. We also believe that this service is vital to your land’s health and should be affordable for all, which is why we maintain competitive prices and guarantee your satisfaction 100 percent of the time.

How do we show our focus on excellence?

  • Our mower blades are sharpened every morning. This helps us provide you with the cleanest, sharpest cut, keeping your grass as healthy and neatly trimmed as possible.
  • Our staff is trained to accept nothing less than perfection, which is why we confidently call ourselves the best lawn maintenance service in Frisco TX.
  • Our 12-month, weekly and bi-weekly plans move along with the seasons. That means we also cover necessary clean up from fall and winter, as well as all annual or semi-annual tasks.

To find out more about our professional Frisco lawn care service, and our competitive prices, send us your information and receive a quote for your lawn care needs within 24 hours. You can also call us at (214) 585-8575.